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The Old Guy with a Camera

Jon Rick Photo

I like to take pictures of things that make me say “ahhh . . .  that’s nice”, or “that’s interesting” or even ”hmmmm?.” I’ve posted some of these for you to examine. Take a look. By clicking on one of the links below. Maybe you will  say “ahhh, interesting” or even “hmmmm?” too.

I’ve established two collections of photos:

A Friends and Family area for, well, you guessed it, friends and family. These files include pictures of people so you will need a password to view them. Send me an email and, assuming I recognize you as a friend or family member, I’ll give you the password. You can download these pictures to print at home if you wish. Just remember that the images are copyrighted and so please do not distribute them to others or use them for any commercial purpose without getting my OK  first.

A Print Gallery, in which I have loaded pictures that I have adjusted to be “print ready”. You can click on the Shopping Cart icon if you wish to purchase them. Your order will be processed and the printed image(s) sent to you. The Print Gallery is open to anyone; a password is not necessary

The Lilian Libby Rick Gallery, containing photographic reproductions of Mom’s watercolor paintings. These works were created over the past 35 years or so, with many of them done during 2008. They are organized by the location where they are displayed: our home in Exeter, Mom & Dad’s Home in Hillsdale and the winter quarters in Sun City Center, Florida.

But don’t feel obligated; I’m more interested in hearing the reaction than making the sale.

By the way, if I can be of assistance at a family event recording images and making them available for family members to share, let me know. I like taking pictures of people having fun too!




Jon Rick Photo

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